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I am Jay W. Schwartz, a Ph.D. candidate in the Psychology Department at Emory University in Atlanta, GA.

Research Interests. I am interested in animal communication and evolution. My doctoral research focuses on the relationships between emotion and acoustic characteristics in rhesus macaque vocalizations, and in human screams. You can read more about it here. My M.A. research at The Ohio State University addressed similar questions with howler monkeys in southern Mexico.

Given my interest in animals’ emotions, I am also passionate about animal welfare. Before obtaining my M.A. degree, I volunteered at a howler monkey sanctuary in Panama, and have published on best practices for primate rehabilitation.

Teaching. I am passionate about my role as an educator, and have sought out opportunities to fill that role wherever possible. I have served as the instructor of record for two sessions of an introductory psychology course at Emory University, as well as a teaching assistant for introductory and upper-level courses in psychology and animal behavior.

Outreach. As an extension of my sense of identity as an educator, I engage in scientific outreach with the goal of conveying the value of research and scientific thinking to the public. I have published popular science essays at SAPIENS, and regularly cover news and views on animal behavior, evolution, and psychology in a blog, which can be found by browsing posts listed to the right or below, or by clicking here. In my popular science writing, I prioritize depth, taking readers on a journey through my thinking as a scientist on a particular issue.

Since 2017 I have served as the Vice President of GRITS, a chartered organization dedicated to fostering interdisciplinary discussion by sponsoring speaking events by and for Emory University graduate students across fields.